Eurotraductor: reliable and accurate translations in seconds!

Eurotraductor is a simple program that allows you to translate text to over 30 languages . Among its many advantages stands out as a lightweight but extremely stable Desktop application, with access to a significant language database on the Internet. Thus, Eurotraductor is a reliable source to consult for the content of a document, to write an email in another language, to navigate a foreign website or whatever you need.


Online resources

Despite being a Desktop application, Eurotraductor has access to a large library of online translations. This is helpful because it gives you access to language resources always updated, while it also collaborates with your computer's performance.

Multiple languages

Eurotraductor translates to and from 35 languages,that's why it becomes one of the most comprehensive tools in its field. Moreover, the process is very simple: paste the text in the left window, choose the language and Eurotraductor will show you the results on the right.


With Eurotraductor you can copy the text and paste it up anywhere, but also offers other possibilities to export the results: printing, emailing, save it to a file, etc. Eurotraductor not only translates, but also it improves the productivity of your hours.

  • Translates over 30 languages.
  • Very fast.
  • Allows you to export results in several formats.
  • Guaranteed accuracy.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Ability for all types of task.